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Artist Division  CEE artists may be selected to participate in performance,
provide graphic or visual artistic support, vocal or lyrical assistance, in a
variety of cultural and community based artistic ventures, including but
not limited to art fairs, flea markets, theatrical performances, gallery
exhibits, Internet sales, contests and competitions.
Publishing Division Small specialty projects, new artist promotions and
new individual literary works are screened for representation.  CEE artists'
works are included in both upcoming works and submitted for inclusion in
affiliate projects. For information regarding current projects visit
EnigmaBooks Weblog
Events Division  Small romantic events, specialty receptions, and gallery
openings/tastings.  Create your own or select one of ours.    
Menu of creative Activities
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Music Division  All recorded works are supervised through this division.
Artists learn the fundamentals of music registration, copyright, etc. Others
with projects may obtain lyrical or vocal services.
The Enigma Bookstore carries both CEE and aflilliate literary works
and products.  Eligible authors, artists, and performers are
authorized to post site information, and sell products, and participate
in current promotions.
The enigma bookstore supports authors' literary works, novelties,
CDs, DVDs, and artwork.
All artists have the option to exclude their works for print or showing.  
Participation in large promotions is determined in part by an artist's
participation in smaller ventures. Artists are assisted with
development, web development, promotions, and marketing.
Collaborations and new gallery projects are developed ever year,
Artists are encouraged to participate with the production aspect as
well as creating art for participation.

"Skin and Soul" Gallery opening and book release event March, 2011.
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click here.
Performance activities include spoken word, music, visual art, dance,
and theatrical and comedic acting. Artists can chose their own level of
participation, with privileges to match the greater levels of
Artists are recruited to provide artistic support for stage projects,
media for advertising, illustrations for literary works and CDs/DVDs.
Art for sale can be promoted during all affiliated functions, promotions,
and productions.  Learning the business of art in order to be more than
a starving artist is our focus, helping artists learn how to search for
resources, create a network of other artists with which to collaborate,
and make referrals to further education, learn grant writing and
develop avenues to further promote their works.
For information about Creative Enigma Enterprises, our
current projects, or promotions, click on the links.