Booking request/Questionaire
Select a performance date, pay the deposit for
number of performers wished on the date
requested. Please have an alternate date in
mind in case specified calendar for that date
has been filled. You will be notified by email
and sent booking contract materials and
technical rider.
Bridal Shower Hostess only

This is considered an event and therefore performance is at the
discretion of the performer, dancers* do not accompany this
package,(*available upon request plus extra charge)
* Please choose only one show per booking
* Please select a show budget, each budget has
a deposit
corresponding to the number of

$500 - $1000 1-2 performers

$1000 - $1500 2-3 performers (no dancer)

$1500 - $3000 3 performers - full cast (including dancer)
The L.A.W. featuring the Art of Skin and Soul (available
as exhibit only)
Host a gallery opening a receive a discounted art and poetry
performance at your tasting. Length of performance depends
on the budget of individual venue location.
Show Deposit
Enter your selected show date here to reserve
Deposit not refundable