The Lady
In Red
I belong to the girl who's lostin the world
she can't seem to find herself
she don't know her name but there's no one to blame
'cause she doesn't have anyone else

I belong to the guy who's living a lie
'cause he thinks its the thing to do
But he can't be mad, 'cause he's got no mom and dad
to tell him to his own self be true

I belong to the child who's running wild
sharing all that she has to give
she smokes and she drinks, and has sex 'cause she
It's the only way she has to live

I belong to the kid who has everything hid
'cause he's afraid to let anything show
he can't earn, and can't learn and he's constantly
'cause no one's close enough to find out what he don't

I belong to the woman who's out on her own
'cause she can't stand the thought of being alone
But she's doing well coming out of her shell
'cause she has many stories to tell

I belong to all kinds of people
'cause I'm ere' body mama you see
I don't mind being a mama of this kind cause
oftentimes it's hard to find someone who will mother
like me.
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Lady In Red
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