DJ Blackmon
An enigma;  something obscure
or hard to understand.

By definition, DJuna (DJ)
Blackmon, fits the bill.  This
native Chicagoan, transplanted to
the Bay Area, has so many
contrasting character traits, to
claim to truly understand her
might in itself be considered an

A spontaneous energetic
individual, DJ exhibits a common
sense, frugal, to the point, no
holds barred attitude that says "I
may not always know the direction
I will take, but I always know
where I'm going. We'll figure out
how to get there on the way."  Her
sensuous nature and soulful sound
have such appeal they have been
encountered in a variety of places,
from night clubs, on the radio, to
BET's Life track, and the
controversial segments of HBO's
Real Sex segments 24 "Punany
World Wide"and 26 Punany:
Back by popular Demand".
Born and raised in Chicago, this once timid, introvert has blossomed into a
seasoned performer.  An avid writer/poet, artist, and lyricist, DJ has made many
contributions to the Punany Project.  It was in Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms, a
collective of erotica created by Jessica Holter, that her talent as a poet and prose
author was exhibited in print for the first time.  As a contributor to The Punany
Project, a founding member of The Punany Poets, and
CEO of Creative Enigma
Enterprises, with the friendship and encouragement of activist/performer/publisher
Jessica Holter, the help of Producer Gabriel Dasalla, the love and support of her
Family, and the belief and help of many other artists, and music producers, her
literary and musical aspirations have begun to be realized.  In her own words this
artist states.........

50% of what I became depended on 100% of what I believed I could be, the other  
50%  depended on the actions I took once I believed it.
                                 --DJuna Blackmon
                 Skin and Soul
She has appeared in Punany performances from LA to the Bay, from the Golden
Gate to the Brooklyn Bridge, and made herself heard in the Midwest. Gallery
Exhibitions have displayed the artistic development of this upcoming artist from
Los Angeles to New York. She has been featured in many of Punany's stage
performances and was instrumental in the development and production of
performances created for the filming of the HBO Real Sex segment 24. From night
clubs to college campuses the growing list of musical and spoken word
performances contributed by this artist multiply daily.  She has appeared on radio
talk shows across the US, BET Life Track and has filmed and recorded both
spoken word and music. A new gallery/poetry performance showcase entitled
"An Indelible Impression" began touring in 2008,followed by a gallery event
known as The L.A.W. in 2009. For more information on booking performances fill
out a
booking questionnaire.

Her musical aspirations are soon to be realized through a self-titled CD 'DJuna'
from GMaculate Entertainment/Blackmon Lyrics and Creative Enigma Enterprises.
 Other projects in which she is currently participating include the Newly released
Creative Enigma Enterprises, poetry compilation titled,
"Skin and Soul" and
upcoming CD 'The Souls of Skin', as well as participation in the Punany works
Verbal Penetration"and  of "Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms II"  This artist also
has an erotic short story book,
"Barstool Fantasies and Cocktales",with
accompanying CD, a Children's book entitled "
Ghetto Waterfront Christmas", and
2 in-progress nonfiction works entitled "
In Search of Worthiness." and "Coming
Unraveled." Whether an enigma or not, this young woman is a still water that runs
deep with spontaneity, creativity, ingenuity, unpredictability and enterprise. Her
strengths are her contrasts, and vise versa.
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