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Skin and Soul

DJ Blackmon, MT Promises, and seven other amazing guest authors appear here to transition you through life's
wonderful ride in the new release of the art and poetry compilation "Skin and Soul".  A must have, it chronicals life
in a verbal as well as visual context, leaving the reader with a sensual experience that finds them tracing the
elements of their own life transitions.  This special edition has an appendix which includes information about the
authors, articles and special features.
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Barstool Fantasies and Cocktales

DJ Blackmon and M T Promises debuted in this release of their erotic short story fantasies.  A
delightful addition to your erotic library.  Enhance a quiet evening or spice up a date going wrong.
These stories will get the conversation going, strong.
20 stories
Accompanying CD available
Available by credit card or mail order. Also on Amazon and BN.com
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A Ghetto Waterfront Christmas  (Available November 1st in time for Christmas)

Christmas….. When snowy, poor, and disheartened, meet Courage, Hope and Love.

It is the story of the challenges of two poor waterfront families during the Christmas holidays.  Ghetto Waterfront
Christmas is a touching, comical, children’s drama which demonstrates what love can do even when financial
stability does not exist. It is a story which demonstrates the idea that triumph can come out of tribulation, and
misery can be destroyed by love and sacrifice. It’s lessons of hope and blessing counting is one traditional in
Christmas stories. A powerful testament to the power of love, the strength of woman, and the importance of
perseverance. Verbally descriptive as well as visually enhanced with artistic graphics and illustrations, Ghetto
Waterfront Christmas will leave you laughing and crying.
Hayward's Reach - Tales of the Twilight Continuum

Hayward's Reach is a series of short stories told by the last survivor after an unseen cataclysm destroys the birthplace of
Pan-Humanity and its attendant species.

Glendale Mokoto, as a Scout of the Corvan Empire has time on his hands and uses it to study temporal records in which the
entire history of Old Earth is embedded.

In these tales, Mokoto studies both the past and the future of Pan-Humanity, its allies and enemies, and learns even in his
current state of in-humanity what it really means to be truly human.