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self help book
A collection of the Ravings of Mad Adults - title to be announced
Feeling crazy? The world in which we live makes me feel as if sometimes I will
need one of these. To submit works for this project, please send your poetry
about what in this word makes you feel like your losing  your mind to the
The Grim Trilogy - a three book horror series  
Thaddeus Grim is quiet, intelligent, and lovable but every 5 years something
secret about him comes out that turns whatever community he lives in upside
Snippets and Short Takes - short stories, variety

No telling what you may find in here, Horror, Science Fiction, Erotica, the
possibilities though not endless are enumerable............want to submit a story?

submit below
Click on the bullet for a description of completed projects.
Coming Unraveled - a teen girls guide to get through puberty and teen age

A valuable source for young girls and their parents. Nowadays teen girls are
exposed to so much more, faced with the same age old problems of peer
pressure, personal development, and self image girls now have the added
difficulty of the dangerous world around them, and new age views and
perceptions about what a female is suppose to be. To bad life didn't come with
simple instructions...........
Recollections - erotica
More erotic short stories from DJ Blackmon, MT Promises, and and a selection
of new writers, still steamy, still descriptive, still colorful, still responsible and
respectful. Never seen smut quite like this?still accepting
submissions below
Bedroom Lies and Secrets - erotica

A twenty story collection of the things told or in some cases  not told in order to
succeed at an intimate conquest....yall know what that mean! Lies people tell to
get some!
Contribute your stories below...............more
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Letters to Mrs. House - a polyamorous fiction

A story about real love, and more real love.......for real!....more
The Debutant Hustler book of game - small hand book

Sage advice at a small price, don't lose your life for strife.....more
BLOGGED - teen angst at it finest

This book is an example of a good way to find out where your teenager's head
is and where it is going. 1st time author Duce Diesel, aka #1 Son shares his
views, his feelings, and his thoughts from a perfectly normal, but very deep,
very intense, emotional teenage perspective........
Poetry by DJ Blackmon
New Releases
New Releases
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InSearch of Worthiness
Reaching back sometimes helps you to move forward. This funny, intense,
indepth pursuit of self knowledge is a layman's finger pointed at self look
designed to help other see themselves and rise above low self esteem into the
world of worthiness............
Short stories