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Barstool Fantasies and Cocktales                   $10.00

Book and CD Combo

Special CD edition in the collectable Koco box     $7.99

by DJ Blackmon and M.T. Promises his and hers erotic
short stories w/CD  (Stories now available in separate
limited edition  books as well ($10.99 and $11.99)
limited edition collectible
CD separate ($14.99) for info
Enigma bookstore  

Skin and Soul                                                    $84.99
Uplifting poetry about love, relationships, and personal
growth and Artwork 11 X 14 by DJ Blackmon  
(available now!!)

A Ghetto Waterfront Christmas                      $11.72
A Children's story by DJuna Blackmon (available now!!)
Ghetto Waterfront Christmas is a touching, comical,
children's drama which demonstrates what love can do
even when financial stability does not exist.

Hayward"s Reach                                             $10.90
A series of short stories told by the last survivor after an
unseen cataclysm destroys the birthplace of
Pan-Humanity and its attendant species.
by Thaddeus Howze (available now)
Available from other Authors

Virtual Lap dance CD                                      $10.00
Punany's Pearl Dance performances                               

Punany Books                                                  $10.99
The Onliners
: Punany fans poetry collection,           
GGB Books, Punany Hip Hop Psalms II,   

Verbal Penetration                                           $14.99
Long awaited Punany Poets Poetry collection  

Cold Hearted, Warm Hearted                        $14.99
by Stacey Barlow

The Anguish of the Blacksmith Forge            $15.00
by Larry Jaffe

Verbal Penetration CD                                    $7.99
Music and recorded works by The Punany Poets

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