Larry Jaffe

Jaffe says he was born on a
mountaintop in the South Bronx
(despite statements to the contrary and
that there are no mountains in the
Bronx), in the shadow of Yankee
Stadium.  From the time he could walk
he either was going to play baseball,
hoops or be a poet or writer.  Either
that or is the spiritual reincarnation of
Davy Crockett he just couldn’t
make up his mind.  He felt he had that
mountaintop thing in common with
Crockett and his folks once bought him
a coonskin cap that he felt ridiculous
in, thus took off on this peculiar
tangent.  He is the product of his own
dreams born and bred from Eastern
European stock of Russia and
Romania. He has decided that he no
longer believe in biographies, and
adamantly poses “Why must I trot
out lists of places I have appeared and
places I have been published or tell you
about my childhood dreams to be a
beatnik  when I grew-up,  If you want
to know  who I am read my poetry,  Itâ
€™s all in there. The air is letters, I
breathe them in and simply breathe out
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