New artists are what we are about!!!

We will help you promote your new work, here's how!

We can post a link to your site, carry your item in our store, include
you in our mass media, mailings and promotions, and provide you
with 1 add space (2 x 3 bio or 3 x 5 add space). For a flat $25.00
we will add you to our data base, promote your work along side our
own artists, take and send you orders for your product and direct
interested customers directly to you.

To participate you must do the following:
Pay Flat non refundable fee of $25.00 for submission.
Fill out required information form.
Provide link to your site, post by regular mail a graphic of item
to be sold (do not send attachments, we do not accept them for
this service)
Link your Site

All associated Artists will be listed on an advertising page, 2 x 3 and 3
x 5 add spaces will list artist websites, products and biographical
information.  Links will be listed in alphabetical order. Visitors will be
able to easily locate you and your product.  Products listed in the
book store will take turns as monthly feature so that all products will
have an opportunity to benefit from the exposure.  Advertising pages
and links will be visible from bookstore and main site pages, but to
secure these services Artists must access information page through this
payment link. All products accepted for promotion will be posted
within 72hrs.  Those not accepted will be notified by email.  
submission fee will not be refunded.  Do not submit
inappropriate materials (see guidelines) submission fees will
NOT be refunded.
Your Product

products featured must fit the following submission guidelines:

May be Music, Literature, or Artwork.

Music and Literature can be in CD, DVD, or book or e-book formats.

Artwork may vary in media, or genre but must be in sizes easy to ship.   
(Commissioned artwork is not accepted for advertising at this site)

We do not sell any pornographic products or services!! All items must
be  tasteful.   

All orders and shipping are the responsibility of the Vendor (artists).
Orders will be sent to you via email
Order Service
Genre of Item
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