An Enigma Is..........
.....The embodiment of creativity.  Indescribable, undefinable, yet
quite tangible.  Simple, yet quite complex.  Confusing?  Not to
worry, some things need no explanation.  An enigma is a
complicated thing, but total understanding is not necessary to
benefit from all of the wonderful things an enigma can be.
Why rationalize, creativity is an act of complexity, brought about
through use of the imagination, further complicated by the existence
of ingenuity, and only fully understood when translated into a
tangible form.

Creative Enigma Enterprises is a company which supports,
promotes, and encourages the creative efforts of artists of many

Music, visual arts, and literature are the main areas in which CEE
focuses it's efforts.

A company searching for an artist to do commissioned artwork, or
a musician looking for a songwriter to add lyrics to their music, or a
publisher looking for up and coming
new writers, may find what
they are searching for at CEE.

An artist who would like to promote their work, a singer who has a
new CD available and would like to give it exposure, a poet who
would like to submit works for consideration in upcoming
publications, can find assistance at CEE.

A creative enigma?
Need one?
We can help you find it.  

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