Creative Enigma Enterprises
Where does creativity Begin?
This is not a question you have to ask twice around the many talented
affiliates of Creative Enigma Enterprises.  As a founding member of
the famed Punany Poets, and the developer of the veteran company
Creative Enigma Enterprises my expectations are to watch our growth
increase exponentially as we move deeper into the millennium.  

A small company, but one with strong roots,  CEE has gained new
expertise as participants learn to operate through hands on techniques
which encourage and support individual creativity.  Creativity begins
with the
cultivation of the artists.
Do we know what creativity is?
Yes!  Creativity is the successful stimulation and use of the
imagination coupled with the talent to translate that imagination into
something tangible.  The ability to recognize this talent and
and encourage the use of it is a part of what CEE is all about.
No more Questions.  We Know........
This is.........

Where Creativity Begins
Creative Enigma Enterprises
Established in 1998   Licensed in California  August 2000