CEE Music Projects
CEE music projects range from spoken word
and music, to recorded lyrics and engineered
studio tracks.  Projects are begun based on
yearly project loads in the three major
categories, Music,
Literature, and Art.
Artists wishing to participate in any
musical project may
audition when
scheduled auditions are announced.
The current projects are listed
CD Cover for the debut CD
musical compliment to the book Skin and Soul
'DJuna' a self titled CD with the creative engineering of Bay Area Studios
Songs feature:  Lyrics by CEE's    own DJ Blackmon
Music and engineering by Andre Champeaux of D.A.P. Studios in
Fairfield, Ca.
Music from Gmaculate Enterta
inment, Oakland, CA
Music by Bedroom Studios,    Los Angeles, CA
Music and engineering by     Mark Elliott of FM Studios, Oakland, CA.
Engineering and Vocal      arrangement by Anthony Murphy,
Red Tape Productions,  Oakland, CA
Engineering by John  Blakeley, Duncan St Studios, San Francisco, CA
The Souls of Skin
The Souls of Skin is a spoken word
CD featuring the poetry from the book
Skin and Soul
Selections Feature:

Lyrics and Poetry by DJ Blackmon
Music by (TBA)
Other Features and Music scheduled
to be added****
For audition
click note
Barstool Fantasies/Cocktales
Combo Book and CD
A collection of erotic short stories with bonus
CD featuring recorded versions of selected
storties from the Barstool Fantasies and
Cocktales books.
Selections Feature:
Short Stories by DJ Blackmon and  MT Promises
Read by Anthony
Sound Affects by Daddy's Little Girl
Recorded at Big Nest Recordings